70 Hours Computer Training – Part 2

5) What is the duration of Course?

Ans: The course shall be of 70 (Seventy) hours duration. This will be followed by a 80 (eighty) minutes test. Students / members must undergo the said course from APTECH for a minimum period of 70 (Seventy) hours. The student should not appear for the final online test before completing the minimum training period prescribed. He/She has to complete training uninterruptedly.

6)What is the fee for the ICSI-APTECH Computer Course?

Ans: As the institute prescribes:-

Fee for undergoing the ICSI-Aptech Computer course shall remain same for all students except the students belonging to SC/ST category, who shall be given concession of Rs.500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only) on the course fee.

Rate chargeable from student is Rs.3,000.00 (for General Category), Rs.2,500.00 (for SC / ST Category)

Service Tax and bank charges as per the GOI rules as applicable from time to time shall be payable by the student. Present rate of Service Tax @ 10.3%. All payments will be online or by credit / debit card or by demand draft (nationalized bank and large private banks only)

7) Who is exempted from this training?

Ans: A student who has successfully completed one or more computer course(s) from any recognized institution and has produced a certificate of having successfully completed such course(s) is eligible for availing exemption from this training.

8 ) What is online exemption test and How to appear for online exemption test?

Ans: Online exemption test is the test given by the students who claim exemption from the said computer training.

As per the institute guidelines following is the procedure to appear for the test:-

To appear for the online exemption test, the student has to accept the declaration online which appears once he selects the test option. The student must have completed a computer course with a minimum of MS office included in the course from a reputed computer institute. Along with the DD the student has to send a Xerox copy of the certificate of the claimed test to Aptech Ltd. Mumbai. If the student selects online payment than also the student must send the photocopy of the certificate to Aptech Ltd., Mumbai. The student must write the registration no. order no. and name on the reverse of the photocopy. The mailing address is:

Mr.Vikrant Parkar. Aptech Ltd.
Champion Seals Compound,
15 Parsi Panchayat Road,
Andheri (East), Mumbai 400069

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