Compulsory Training

  1. Every student has to undergo through apprenticeship of 15 months as a compulsion, under a registered practicing company secretary or a registered company,so authorized to impart training.This training is to be started after passing the Intermediate or Final Examination.
  2. Following this  a practical training for 3 months has to be undergone. This is to be done after passing the Final examination and that too, by  those, who have been exempted from undergoing the 15 months training.
  3. Further there is a Training with Registrar of Companies (ROC), Stock Exchange, financial or banking institution for 15 days.
  4. And every student is compulsorily required to attend and complete “The Secretarial Modular Training Programme” (SMTP) after passing the ‘Final Examination’ and completion of  ’15 months training’ as required and also in case the student was exempted therefrom. It is also for the duration of 15 days.
  5. I would like to add that depending upon the practical experience the candidates can claim exemption from 15 months training completely or partially.
  6. Every Student of the institute,who has been sponsored for 15 months training on or after 1st/July/2004 either in company or under practicing company secretary is compulsorily required to attend and complete 25 hours Academic Development Programme (ADP) on proportionate basis i.e. 5 hours for every quarter of remaining training.In other words,5 hours for every 3 months of remaining training.
  • Fee Structure for ADP: Rs 250/- per ADP.


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