Dhoom Again

Dhoom again and run away with me
on a rollercoaster ride
dhoom again and see your wildest
slowly come alive
dhoom again were gonna break the
and party all the time
dhoom againwe gotta steal the
you know that ain’t no crime
so steal all that you can
the magic you begun
let’s shout,break out
comes on once again lets hear it
dhoom machaale………
(once more come on you ppl)
dhoom again and feel the beat of
the rythm
rythm of the night
dhoom again and hear the voices
creatures of the night
dhoom again and see the shadows
in the pale moonlight
dhoom again and feel your
heartbeat pumping
now the time is right
so go walk out the door
get down….get on the floor
let’s shout break out
come on once again let’s hear it
dhoom machale

and when love comes your way
you’ll know its here to stay
you’ll steal the chance cause you’re
the thief of hearts yeah
you’ll win with just a glance
walk away with your romance
there’s no more ther’s no backing
out now

dhoom again and make the whole
world crazy
set your spirit free
dhoom again anf take a break right
come celeberate with me
dhoom again ‘cos all wanna do
is steal the show some how
dhoom again ‘cos all i wanna say
is hey the time is now
let nothing get you down
go out and paint the town
let’s shout break out
come on once again lets hear it
dhoom machaale….

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