HowTo display Author info in WordPress Single Post

If you view a single post of a blog, you will see the author information at the bottom. Here we will see that how we can display such author info in a WordPress blog. That info can be edited in the control panel under Users->Your Profile.

The author’s photo can also display the image using avatars:

<img src="<?php echo get_option('home'); ?>/wp-content/themes/mimbo2/images/<?php the_author_lastname(); ?>.jpg" alt="" />

The author’s name is called like this:

<?php the_author_posts_link('namefl'); ?>

The author’s bio is called like this:

<?php the_author_description(); ?>

The author’s email is called like this:

<a href="mailto:<?php the_author_email(); ?>" title="Email this author">Email this author</a>

That seems like a pretty good start for building your own template themes. Now it’s up to the client to hire some talented writers and hope for the best.


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