Now use Google Account as your OpenID

OpenID is everywhere

Yeah! Yet another OpenID. To let you know almost every big-name site now gives me another OpenID to use – not exactly useful when I already have one – my own.

The question is when the BIG guys like Wikipedia, Slashdot, Flickr or someone etc will start consuming OpenIDs? Chances are that you never heard of 95% of the sites listed in the OpenID directories, these small sites are using OpenID concept to get the valid users without letting them the pain of registering on their sites [BTW who registers on these small sites].

Leave it….The point here is that you can use your Google Account to login to any website that supports OpenID. Already using a dozen Google services I always thought to use my GoogleID as my OpenID.
Ryan Barrett, the member of the App Engine team, wrote the app along and writes more about it on his blog.

To create a custom OpenID URL with your Google Account username, login to your Google Account and go to . You will be provided an OpenID like this:[email protected]
here [email protected] is the email address associated with your Google app engine logo.gif

This is not the official Google product. It is just a free time project for Google App Engine.