Google creating GMail Offline through Google Gears

A prominent Indian newspaper report, refering ‘highly placed sources’, says that ‘Google has developed an offline version of Gmail’, Google’s famous email service, and is likely to be released within this year.

Gmail and e-mail have today become almost synonymous for many, with built-in features like a browser-based chat and other applications that have added to the traction.

Through Google Gears, just like Google Reader lets you work offline, GMail users will be able to browse, reply, save drafts and do everything that currently Gmail does online, in an offline mode even without an Internet connection.

The Google developing GMail Offline news is reported by a leading Indian newspaper though the Google spokeswoman in India officially denied such a thing.

While it’s possible that Google might be working to enable Gmail for Offline access through Google Gears, google is always working on a next step to every service they offer, there are some point to disbelief.

Report also says that you would have to download a GMail software client for that would automatically synchronize with the Gmail server. Google always makes Online Programs, so does Google Gear works inside a web browser only, and do not require any other software. Either way Google might be developing an independent GMail desktop client like Outlook, present as default in every Microsoft System, works fine with GMail POP access so, why Google needs to develop an independent GMail desktop client like Outlook rather than new better GMail features.