Hot Tub Time Machine – Trailer 2

Hot Tub Time MachineAfter a stint that almost gets a person killed, his friends who are also unfortunately living rock bottom lives invite him to go on a road trip up to a snowy alpine town named Kodiak Valley, taking one’s nephew. The town is practically desolate, and the hotel room is crappy. However, they find out their suite has a hot tub, and they get pretty trashed. Unknowingly, they knock over an energy drink and spill it on the panel.

The next morning, they wake up, but things aren’t what they seem. For one, everyone’s wearing fashion that was made big in the eighties. there’s only one logical explanation: The hot tub was a time machine that transported them back to 1986!!!! However, since 3 of them are adults, they also discover they traveled to the day they went there for the Winterfest music festival with Poison headlining. So they decide to re-live the night they’ll forever remember, while simultaneously trying to get back to 2010, ending up in several sticky situations along the way!

This was a fun movie for sure. It was totally odd yet hilarious.