How to Apply Support Patch on MySAP

  1. Type Spam on session then navigate to Support PackageLoad PackageFrom FrontEnd and Navigate to path where you have downloaded the *.SAR file of Support Pack. Now it will open a popup window and then click on decompress button ( or go to command prompt and then navigate to folder where you have download these files type this command “sapcar -xvf <filename>.sar”. Now it will create a folder called EPS and a folder called IN inside EPS. Go to this folder and it will show two extracted files with extension ” .att ” and ” .pat “.  Copy this two files into yours transepsin folder which could be something like <drive>usrsaptransepsin folder then type spam on your session and navigate to Support PackageLoad PackageFrom Application Server and it will ask for Path confirm it.)
  2. After that click on Display-Define button on right hand side. Select the appropriate patch and import it in queue.
  3. Click on Small truck Icon in menu i.e. (import Queue) and it Starts importing.
  4. Once import gets completed then click on Support Package and then confirm it.