How to Pour a Beer

Perhaps pouring a glass of Beer is kind of an art of servicing the taste and presentation.

  • Take a clean glass. A dirty glass containing detergents, oils, dirt or residuals from a previous beer, may inhibit head creation and flavors.
  • Hold your glass at 45° angle. Pour your beer targeting middle of the slope of glass. Distance between the bottle and glass depends on you to pour.
  • When you get the half-way tilt the glass to 90° angle and continue to pour in the middle of the glass. This will induce the perfect foam head. And remember, having a head on a beer is a good thing. It releases the beer’s aromatics and adds to the overall presentation.
  • You may also want to gradually add distance between the bottle and glass as you pour to make a good foam head. An ideal foam head should be 1″ to 1-1/2″.