Is it Hotmail or Coolmail ?

Atlast, email are going to change again and know what this time too hotmail is one to turn the tide.

Now, Hotmail has unveiled over 250 custom domain mail ids, all listed under The Domains are categorised in 5 as — ‘where I Live’ , ‘who I am’ , ‘who i Like’ , ‘What I Like’ and ‘I don’t Fit’. So, now you can have an email like [email protected] or [email protected].

For a long time there have been services that provided ‘custom domain mail service’ but zero quality. Only this time that someone like this giant [ read: Microsoft ] is there to take care of quality and also Microsoft has included a lot of India based domains.

The Online giant Google also provide custom domain but then its lot different then this. Google under its ‘Google Apps’ brand provide free mail server but there you have to purchase a domain and a basic DNS knowledge is also needed for custom DNS Settings.

All this leads a lot of cost and ‘headache’ for users. BTW who needs to take somuch painwhen we can so many COOLMAIL ID’s for free.