Kids having heated argument about Marriage
The children, who appear to be aged five and seven, exchange a heated war of words after the young girl vows she will marry him – and he kicks, cries and screams his way out of her wedding plans.

The two-and-a-half minute clip begins with a woman behind the camera asking the little girl, ‘Are you gonna marry him?’

‘Yeah,’ little Christina says, sweetly smiling at the camera.

‘Tell him,’ she’s urged.

‘I’m going to marry you,’ she proclaims. Incensed and standing her ground as the boy screams no, she badgers him with ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ and finally storms off as he begins to cry.

‘You cant yell at me cause you’re not the boss,’ he tells her.

When he turns away from the girl, she demands his attention. ‘Look at me,’ she commands.

But she is still ignored. ‘Fine. I’m still going to marry you. You’re going to marry me.’