mGinger – mobile SMS Advertisement

Do you want to get paid for the SMS which you receive on your mobile?

Here are the ad providers, who would send SMS on your mobile and you could eventually earn money for viewing and deleting the SMS.
Currently the site says

How much money can I make?logo mginger
Ads you receive per day X
Friends you refer X
Friends each of your friend refers X
there is a calculate button for you to check the revenue you earn per month.

I have been wondering how many of people have been shouting at their own Mobile service providers to stop sending SMS and a new product comes out of the shelf in offering money to receive SMS on your mobile. Well surely mGinger would be productivity killer.

I am sure it is gonna be hit, and I see the potential customers would be the students crowd and you can expect your friends and spam messages asking you to signup.

Thank you mGinger for filling up our mailbox. Wishing the mGinger team a best of luck.

People who wish to Signup can click on this signup link.

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5 thoughts on “mGinger – mobile SMS Advertisement”

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