Paul Ceglia ‘Forgot’ he Owned Facebook

Facebook founder Mark ZuckerbergFirst thought crossing my mind was simple, where did Paul Ceglia go for seven years to file his lawsuit claiming that he owns 84% of Facebook?

Paul explains to Bloomberg that he forgot he owned Facebook, now this answer is simple but ridiculous. More amazing is the story of his discovery of his Facebook rights. Paul went through his old files when he was arrested for defrauding customers of his wood-pellet business to discover his luck – the old contract. Now, he won’t be denied. “I’m going after him,” he says. “A deal’s a deal.”

Ceglia says he also has a year’s worth of emails that back up his claim, and adds, for good measure, that Mark Zuckerberg was a lazy employee. “He simply could not finish his work. He just could not keep a deadline,” Ceglia complains. But “he could code. I’d hire him today as a coder. If at some point in the future I start running Facebook, I guess I’m going to have to hire him to keep running the company.”