Sexy Soha Ali Khan – Best of Koffee With Karan

Koffee with Karan had a special behind the scenes & also some selected part of aired episodes of celebs from the show. One of them featuring the gorgeous Soha Ali Khan who looked absolute stunning. I wonder why no Director has yet captured Soha Ali Khan’s dazzling beauty on reel as she is in real life. But must say Soha Ali Khan is doing really well & is getting some really good author backed roles.

In personal life too Soha seems very dignified & classy, there is absolutely no dirt on this girl ever, quite a rarity in bollywood .. a beautiful girl who can act & has her head firmly on her shoulders but can’t conceal everything below her shoulders. Only the Director of movie Tum Mile got the Soha Ali Khan’s beauty in his camera.

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Soha-Ali-Khan-Best of Koffee With Karan

Here’s a part of their conversation:

Karan: When you came in.. you were criticized for being too western and no one really thought you will make it to the point you have! And now you are considered the first metrosexual hero that Indian cinema has to offer.
Saif: You better stop that because apparently it’s quite in after the Bond film to be rugged! So don’t call me metrosexy now!
Karan: We don’t know what the word really means!
Saif: is it Gay?
Karan: No its not! It’s definitely not gay!
Saif: Yeah! We know what it means.. I mean I do have a couple of creams in my bathroom that I like to use!
Karan: And do you go for a manicure or pedicure?
Saif: Once in a while! I feel having really ragged nails and split cuticles is no good! People judge people by their hands. I was told that! I look at hands quite a lot!
Karan: Oh dear! (Hiding hands)

Karan: Omkara and versatility of course the super stardom! Does it surprise you?
Saif: I won’t call it super stardom!
Karan: It is! I’m calling it that and I’m from the inner circles of the film fraternity so if I’m saying it.. it must be true!
Saif: You are the circle of the film fraternity!
Karan: No I’m not! You are viable commercially, your critics love you , everyone loves you! I know I’m gushing right now but it’s all true!
Saif: I think I’ve been at it for sometime and I’ve learnt and grown. With all this also comes a sense of responsibility and this is my life! I’m really not capable of doing anything else as rewarding in every way- emotionally, financially. This is all I can do and I’m happy I can do it well! But its become more than getting happy.. getting a compliment or something, There’s a long way to go! There’s an entire life to take care of. This is my way of supporting myself and very seriously it’s my career, it’s what drives me! I’ve learnt that I need to do it and it’s very much a part of who I am¦

Karan: How did you think things worked out for Saif. Did you think he would be where he is today?
Soha: Fifteen years ago, No!

Karan: Do you feel proud of him today?
Soha: Hugely! I’ve seen all his films!
Karan: Contrary to you!
Saif: In many cases that’s quite an achievement!
Soha: I haven’t seen all of them! I’ve seen all the good ones and I’m so proud of him and of what he’s achieved. I’ve spent more time with him in the last 3 years and now that I’m also working in films I end up meeting him more often even if it’s on the set.