Shiva : Movie Review

Starring: Mohit Ahalwat and Nisha Kothari
Director: Ram Gopal Varma

Storyline: The Ram Gopal Varma film looks into a law keeping system through the eyes of Shiva (Mohit Ahalwat). Fresh out of the police training academy, he finds a stark difference between the teachings and the realities. As he joins the Mumbai Police force, a new journey begins for him. His ideals clash with the harsh realities of a police force at work. While Shiva tries to fight the ongoing corruption, he turns a rebel and finds his own ways of solving the mess around him. Nisha Kothari, who is crime reporter in the script, plays the love angle.

USP: First movie to be direct ed by RGV after last year’s hugely successful Sarkar.

  • While the basic plot of the film changes, RGV has gone back to Illayy Raja for the sound track.
  • Shiva