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A push wen U stop, A path wen U r lost, A word wen U r quiet, A smile wen U r sad, A shoulder wen U cry, Thats Me always with u. forever life, til death, since birth ?


If u wake up 1 day.. & askd 2 hav a wish.. wat wud it b? Mine wud b.. dat our frendship wud last until v see… ….an apple in an orange tree!.

Friends Forever

Sumtimes in life,we think we dnt need ny1 , but sumtimes in live v dnt hav any1 wen we need.. So dnt ever let ur bst buddies go ever..!!

Angel Friends

"Angels Do Exist… but, sometimes, they don’t have wings, We call them Friends!"

What is Friendship?

Friendship ……… is you is love. is shared. is understanding. is shared secrets. heals many hurts. is not judgmental. is shared laughter. is slow and steady. can be angry at times. is dependable and true. is more precious than silver Read full story…

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