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Hitler Finds Out About Apple’s new iOS6 Maps

hitler finds out about apples ne

Here’s a spoof video depicting a situation where Hitler finds out that his men in war field are using iOS6 Maps for navigating. The video is created using the 2004 Second World War film “Downfall”. personally I like this movie. Read full story…

Virgin Mobile – Fired from Job

virgin mobile fired from job

Virgin Mobile – Hot Nurse

virgin mobile hot nurse

Virgin Mobile India is back with their funny ad commercial, once again featuring the hot nurse here.

Virgin Mobile – Ranbir and Genelia

virgin mobile ranbir and genelia

0:05 – Ranbir is shown texting his friends for help on the girl (Diana Penty) 0:08 – Ranbir’s friends come, Genelia (his friend) pretends to flirt with him to help 0:16 – other friend sneezes to make Diana move closer, Read full story…

Virgin Mobile – Cheating Boyfriend

virgin mobile cheating boyfriend

Virgin Mobile India’s – Boyfriend’s Cheating then Its time to break up

Virgin Mobile – Friends vGlide

virgin mobile friends vglide

Now, thats called the friendship that can save your a** exactly when you need it. :)

It’s Time to Breakup – Virgin Mobile

its time to breakup virgin mobil

Virgin Mobile India’sV ad campaign – It’s Time to Breakup.

Poster Wali Hi Sikhayegi – Virgin Mobile

poster wali hi sikhayegi virgin

Virgin Mobile India latest “Poster Wali Hi Sikhayegi Aapko!” TV Ad featuring Ranbir Kapoor

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