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Established and run in the North India since 2005, is a global reaching online magazine that is focussed on user-friendly, mass-sharable content, with major opportunities for branding messages and sponsor partnerships.

We encourage visitors to register profile & share their reactions to our content about the cinema, celebrities, gadgets, tutorials, religion, lifestyle, cooking, health and education we feature. Your brand could enjoy the same engagement.

Key Metrics

  • 65% readers are below 35 years.
  • More than 70% visitors are from Search Engines
  • Alexa ranking is always on an uptrend
  • Predominantly male audience (78%)
  • Same ad unit runs site-wide
  • mentioned in major weblogs like IndiBlogger etc.


With a diverse advertising solutions, whether it be straight forward media buys or more bespoke full site takeovers, we can accommodate most requirements and a variety of budgets. Get in Touch.

Note: Advertisers based in India can pay though check or online transfer.