Oscar Wilde

They spoil every romance by trying to make it last forever. – Oscar Wilde


Memories play a very confusing role. Dey make u laugh wen u remember d time u cried 2gether, bt make u cry wen u remeber d time u laughed 2gether.. soo true 🙂

Love Quote

Life is a touch & go, Some people will be there for a while, some will go away, but people who find u special will always find ways to stay! ! :):)


WHO  M  I? A push wen U stop, A path wen U r lost, A word wen U r quiet, A smile wen U r sad, A shoulder wen U cry, Thts Me always wid u.forever life,til death,since birth?

Lovely sms

Question: What goes in dry, comes out wet and gives warm satisfaction? Answer: A Tea Bag – – – – Jaam tutne ka bahana mat kar , Hum to teri ankhon se pee lenge. Tu mat aa lekin aane ka wada to kar, hum tere intejar me jee lenge.