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Best Friends..:-)

The Best Kind Of Friend Is One With Whom U Sit On A Bench Saying Nothin & Wen U Get Up & Go, U Feel U Have Had The Best Conversation Of Ur Life! 🙂

Good Friend

GOD Created Good Heart:U Got it.HE Created Good Brain:U Got it.HE Created Good Face:U Got it.HE Created GOOD FRIEND:This time,I GOT IT.. 🙂

Time Goes By…..:(

1 fine day all of us will get busy vd our lives,long working hours,no more classes,lecturs,frnds n sms’s wont hav time 4 ourselves,at such a day u’ll luk outside ur window n c d gud old memories flash u by Read full story…

Missing U Friend

When My Arms Sometimes Can’t Reach The People Close To My Heart, I Always Hug Them With My THOUGHTS! R u getting squeezed ‘cos I’m thinking as hard as I can!!!

Heart Speaks…:)

The greatest challenge of being a friend is not just listening when words are spoken, but hearing and feeling even when there is silence.


Don’t try 2 hv frndz who achieve gr8 height, hv a frnd who cn hold u wen u fal frm gr8est height..

Hamari Dosti..

School ki life 10+2 tak… college ki life pado jab tak… love ki life shadi tak… bt hamari dosti 31 feb tak jab aaegi tab tod denge… Pakka!!!


V smile at whom v like.V cry 4 whom v care. V share wid whom v r near. V laugh wid whom v enjoy and, V bcm angry wid whom v feel is our own. “THAT’S FRIENDSHIP”!

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