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Right man at right time

“I Think you never know whether you are ready or not until you are tested and tried. It’s never the case of the vice-captain automatically taking the job. It should always be the right man at the right time for Read full story…

Trust….. ?

Trust of a person should b like d feeling dat a 1 yr OLD BABY has: When u throw him in air,he laughs, b’coz he knows you will catch him.

Positive Attitude

In rains all d birds take shelter But eagle is d only one who avoids d rain by flying above d cloud. Problem is common to all but attitude makes d difference…

Heart Speaks…:)

The greatest challenge of being a friend is not just listening when words are spoken, but hearing and feeling even when there is silence.


Don’t try 2 hv frndz who achieve gr8 height, hv a frnd who cn hold u wen u fal frm gr8est height..

Truth of life..

Truth of life-: “Being a good person is like being a goal keeper! No matter how many goals u save, people will remember only d one u missed..”

Human Tendency

Its human tendency to run behind people whom we love and neglect the ones who love us because we are sure we will never lose them…

Excellent words by Dr Abdul Kalam

Excellent words by Dr Abdul Kalam “Dream is not that what you see in sleep.. Dream is the Thing which Does Not allow you to sleep” Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

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