Global Retail Industry Facts and Figures

Consumers Expectations and Consumption Figures:

  • Time and quality of life are becoming relatively more important than money; 60% of Americans want to simplify their lives.
  • Product performance was found to be the top purchasing criterion, while environmental features were a close second in a survey performed by the alliance for Environmental Innovation in conjunction with SC Johnson Wax.
  • The total of United States-managed investment assets grew 22% from 1999 to 2001; socially screened assets under professional management grew by 36% in the same period, suggesting the growing importance of social issues in investment.
  • Consumers are becoming more purposeful in their buying behaviour according to a 2001 Ernst & Young paper. Another change in the retail industry is a drop in the number of casual shoppers in department stores and malls.
  • “An overwhelming majority [of PR professionals] believe that clients tend to underestimate the importance of PR/Communications in CSR.” According to a 2001 survey.

Global Consumption Facts and Figures:

  • The world’s population is poised to expand 50% by 2050. The world is currently 78% poor, 11% middle income and 11% rich.
  • World economic output more than doubled in the past 25 years, to about $33 trillion USD by 1999.
  • The number of NGOs recorded by the Union of International Associations has more than doubled since 1985 and is now over 40,000 organisations, indicating a growing interest in social and environmental issues.

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