Jessica Simpson’s Hunt ended with a Male Prostitute

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Jessica Simpson is looking for a new man. Sex starved Simpson tried to find a new man through Internet but her search turned in disaster when the mystery date turned out to be a male escort.As per reports:

Jessica logged on [to an Internet matchmaking service] to find company. She found a picture of a guy in LA she thought was ideal. They arranged to meet, but when she turned up, she found out the sad truth – he was only interested in a ‘professional transaction’. The guy turned out to be a male escort.

Simpson’s dreams were shattered when she came to know that the man she was meeting was a prostitute. She just escaped the scene as soon as she realized that she has been betrayed. “Jessica was horrified and told him to go to hell” says a pal. ‘She wasn’t that desperate.

Jessica publicly admitted she needs a man. “I’m a little sexually frustrated right now,” she told US talk show host Jay Leno recently.

Poor Girl! Her love life has turn out most horrible after splitting from her ex-husband Nick Lachey.

“She thought the answer was on the Internet, to be anonymous” a pal reveals. “She doesn’t tell guys on the web she’s famous and loaded with money. She comes over as this shy, retiring Texan girl. She quite enjoyed the chance to flirt and be herself.”

She never imagined male hookers would be trying to cash in on the service, says an insider. “It’s turned her off the Web – and that was her main hobby.”