My FriEnDs

caught up in d storms of lyf..
not knwing whch way 2 turn..
i call upon mah frndz
2 carry me through d storm..
thy walked along wid me n guided me all d way..
thy wipd all mah tears..
wen i was crying on mah knees..
thy took me out of darkness
n bought sunshine 2 my day..
though d wrld let me down..
but my frndz were alwayz thr..
though othrs may nt support me
but thy will alwayz wid me..
bst frndz 4vr,thts wat i say
nothing or none can cm in our way
luv u all thts wat i wanna say
nothing or none won’t evr cm in our way..
tym goes fast..lyf ask so much
tht evn bst of buddies gt out of touch
don’t mind 2 ths 2 much..
we’ll b bst frndz 4vr n alwayz b in touch!!

wrrtn by me