SMS Shorties C

some more shorties with letter C Cld9? – Cloud 9? Cm – Call me Cu – See you CUIMD – See you in my dreams Cul – See you later CUL8R – See you later

SMS Shorties B

some more shorties with letter ‘B’B B4 – Before BBFN – Bye Bye for now. BBS – Be back soon BBSD – Be back soon darling BCNU – Be seein’ you BF – Boy Friend BGWM – Be gentle with me (please) BRB – Be right back BTW – By the way

SMS Shorties

Text messaging from a cellular phone can become quite a daunting task. To save your fingers the trouble here is a list of a few ‘SMS shorties’ AFAIK As far as I know Cm Call me Cul See you later Gr8 Great PCM Please call me SRY Sorry

SMS Launch!

Hi friends, Here is another good news, from today, SMS FUN.on this amazing and unique day i.e 07/07/07 at 18:00 hours we have started video blogging on Bloggers Paradise! Here you will get to see the selected [jhakas] videos about advertisements, music videos, movie trailers, comedy, movie scenes etc. Sit back ‘n’ njoy the videos. …

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Study shows FaceBook Posses Risk of Identity Theft

In row to already overheated topic currently rocking World Wide Web here comes another news from Sophos PLC, a reputed computer security firm, about company FaceBook Inc. as stated by the computer security firm that 41% users were willing to disclose their personal details to completely unknown strangers, which increases the risk of personal identity …

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