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Hitler Finds Out About Apple’s new iOS6 Maps

hitler finds out about apples ne

Here’s a spoof video depicting a situation where Hitler finds out that his men in war field are using iOS6 Maps for navigating. The video is created using the 2004 Second World War film “Downfall”. personally I like this movie. Read full story…

Shweta Tiwari in Comedy Circus Ka Naya Daur

shweta tiwari in comedy circus k

Shweta tiwari’s hilarious performance with Kapil in Comedy Circus Ka Naya Daur 18th September in High Quality [HQ].

Smart Indian Holy Cow

smart indian holy cow

See this video and still if WOW does come to your mouth than please tell me what more do you want? And you thought that animals can not use Handpump.

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