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Positive Attitude

In rains all d birds take shelter But eagle is d only one who avoids d rain by flying above d cloud. Problem is common to all but attitude makes d difference…

Excellent words by Dr Abdul Kalam

Excellent words by Dr Abdul Kalam “Dream is not that what you see in sleep.. Dream is the Thing which Does Not allow you to sleep” Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Friends Forever

Sumtimes in life,we think we dnt need ny1 , but sumtimes in live v dnt hav any1 wen we need.. So dnt ever let ur bst buddies go ever..!!


Career is like light & luv is like  shadow. If u try 2 catch d shadow, U’ll Miss d light. But if u walk 2wrds light, Shadow will Automatically follow u…..

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