Armani and Samsung setting new boom in HDTV

After a heavy buzzed Armani Phone, though disappointing,  have now announced their plan to release the much rumored set of designer HDTV’s coming this summer.

Armani and Samsung Joint venture

Giorgio Armani recently unveiled a 1930’s inspired line of home furnishing at the Milan International Furniture Fair, which also showcased the upcoming Armani/Samsung 120Hz Full HDTV. As per Reuters the re-runs of fashion shows were going on the sleek designer television, which included a stylish remote control and a four mode lighted power switch customizes the Armaini and Samsung logos. Though the price is yet to be mentioned but those living in Europe, Korea and Russia will soon be able to but the 46-inch designer Armani TV and those looking for something bigger can relax till the upcoming 52- inch set.

By: GadgetGuild