Lenovo Launches Y-Series Laptops

Lenovo a major manufacturer of branded desktops and laptops has launched two new notebooks -> Lenovo Y300 and Y500 – for Indian consumers. The unique feature of these new notebooks is the fact that they feature Lenovo’s proprietary biometric face recognition technology, which add a new layer of data security for laptops and allow the notebooks to be used by multiple users.

lenovo laptop

The Lenovo Y300 is a portable laptop which packs in a 13.1-inch screen and weighs in at a light 2.03 kg. The Y300 also makes use of the face recognition technology which is used in conjunction with the Veriface software. The software works by taking a digital snapshot of the user, extracting key features of the user’s face, and then creating a digital map that becomes the system’s ‘password’. By using this feature it recognizes multiple users and logs onto the Windows operating system and other applications without requiring users to remember a single password similar to a finger biometric check.

In the event of an unauthorized attempt, the notebook photographs the user and stores the image in a log for verification. The Y500 is aimed at multimedia users with its 15.1 inch screen and features an advanced Dolby Home Theater, a Shuttle Center for easy navigation between features, a slot-in ODD and a TV Tuner card.

The Lenovo Y300 is priced at Rs. 61,990 and
the Lenovo 3000 Y500 is priced between Rs. 31,990 and
Rs. 69,990 depending on the specification that the user chooses to configure it to.