Change Default Search Engine in Firefox

defaultEvery browser like FireFox or IE does searches on a default search engine set some where in its configuration. Changing this default search engine is a little bit tricky, but not anymore. Deepak, my friend, installed a chat software from RediffBol which also changed the default search engine as Rediff Search but he now wants to change it back to Google [my fav].

This is how you can get it done:

in the address bar of FireFox, type:


In the box markedfilter, type:


Double click the value field and modify that value, by pasting:

Then save that by pressing “Ok”.

Now, you can use your address bar just as Google search bar. Go nuts, since now you can search by entering the search terms in the address bar and pressing enter. This way you never need to visit again!!!

10 thoughts on “Change Default Search Engine in Firefox”

  1. Changing the keyword.URL field in Firefox might not work.

    Firefox 3.5 was still defaulting to Yahoo as the search engine for the address bar.

    I run REGEDIT and searched for "yahoo": I found 4 entries like WS_FF_AB and WS_IE_AB all set to some yahoo pages.

    I deleted them and now the default search depends on the keyword.URL field in about:config

    also, check out
    for different settings of the keyword.URL value.

  2. For me, when I did this, a search via the title bar took me immediately to the first google result ( for a Desperate Housewives search, for example). However, I deleted the "&gfns=1" out of the string and now it gives me the normal google results page. thank you!

  3. Thank you so much! Megaupload changed mine to Yahoo, and I’ve only ever used google. This is really appreciated, 5 out of 5!

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