Nokia kills OVI Free Music Unlimited

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Nokia Ovi Music
Nokia, Finland headquarter, has announced that it’s ending the bundling of OVI Music service with cellphones in 27 out of 33 countries. China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey and South Africa are the only 6 markets that will continue bundled subscription to free music downloads.

In 2008 the world’s top cellphone maker, Nokia, started bundling OVI Music Unlimited service to let users download unlimited free music downloads. Nokia challenged Apple’s iTunes with OVI Music by tieing up with many major record labels like Universal Music, EMI, Warner Music Group and Sony Music. But, as it seems that the users didn’t liked the idea that much.

Nokia has stated Digital Rights Management (DRM) and lack of carrier support, as the main reasons for its failure. DRM is a software that limits sharing of songs between different devices even if owned by a same user. Reuters quoted a Nokia spokesman saying “The markets clearly want a DRM-free music service.”

The existing users with subscription to Ovi Music Unlimited, will be able to use the service till the full period of their subscription.

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