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Hello Readers !

First of all thank you for your a whale response to my website,and your delightful appreciation for the same.Now the matter of core importance I am initiating a new feature to ” Company Secretaries Of India”,under which any user who wish to submit any relevant information or article related to CS,would be able to do so, subject to my approval and that article would be published on this website with that users name in it.This function would be initiated soon till than you can send your articles on my mail address [email protected] and the same (if relevant) would appear on this website with your name in it.

Hence,hereby i request you all to share information available to you with my website,so that we can together share it with hundreds and thousands of people out there who would be benefited by the data submitted by you.



Kratika Goel

2 thoughts on “Request To Readers”

  1. Hi Shishir,

    Thanks for appreciating my efforts,and i am part of icsi community at facebook its a great place to interact with CS professionals and find good job opportunities.


    Kratika Goel

  2. Hello Kartika,

    This is really interesting views shared by you. It will helps a lot to coming professionals.

    Please join our ICSI community on Facebook.

    Be keep in touch on shishir_2468 at

    Thanks and regards,


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