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Good Friend

GOD Created Good Heart:U Got it.HE Created Good Brain:U Got it.HE Created Good Face:U Got it.HE Created GOOD FRIEND:This time,I GOT IT.. 🙂

Time Goes By…..:(

1 fine day all of us will get busy vd our lives,long working hours,no more classes,lecturs,frnds n sms’s wont hav time 4 ourselves,at such a day u’ll luk outside ur window n c d gud old memories flash u by Read full story…

Hamari Dosti..

School ki life 10+2 tak… college ki life pado jab tak… love ki life shadi tak… bt hamari dosti 31 feb tak jab aaegi tab tod denge… Pakka!!!


Memories play a very confusing role. Dey make u laugh wen u remember d time u cried 2gether, bt make u cry wen u remeber d time u laughed 2gether.. soo true 🙂

Frends R Lyk Tht..

Frens nvr leave each othr, Frens nvr depart…. Dey just sit sumwhere silently deep in each othrs heart saying “I M STILL HERE”………..:-)

M Always Wth U..

Whn all river becum dry,whn all birds leave d sky, whn all frenz say u gud bye,. Remembr i’ll alwys B there 2 say u, ‘MAY I’.


Ishq ke sahare jiya nahi karte, Gum ke pyalo ko piya nahi karte, Kuchh Nawab dost hain hamare, jinko Pareshan na karo to wo yaad hi kiya nahi karte…


WHO  M  I? A push wen U stop, A path wen U r lost, A word wen U r quiet, A smile wen U r sad, A shoulder wen U cry, Thts Me always wid u.forever life,til death,since birth?

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