Video: Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim

the other day i posted a video of Porsche Caymans and the background music in it was so good. I googled for it and found the original video track of the song ‘Right Here Right Now.

The music video shows depiction of the process of evolution condensed into three and a half minutes. In beginning the video is set “350 billion Years Ago”, and starts with a single cell organism in the ocean evolving into a jellyfish, a pufferfish and then a predatory fish. It manages to eat a smaller fish before leaping up onto land. eats the insect.

The land-fish evolves into a small alligator. It climbs up a tall tree. Its hands are visibly evolving into a chimp-like ape. It jumps from the onto an icy landscape, running til evolves into a large gorilla. At the end of large cliff, the ape beats its chest as the camera zooms out to show a vast desert.

The ape jumps onto the ground, where it has evolved into a primate resembling an orangutan. A large storm blows away much of its hair, evolving into human (at this point the timer at the bottom right slows dramatically). The human puts on trousers and shirt while running. Turns into a modern man with a beard. The man walks through a city and eats some food (taken from a cardboard cutout of Fatboy Slim himself), at which point he loses the beard and turns into the obese person from the cover of You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby. He finally sits down on a bench at night, at which point the video ends.

enjoy the music.

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