Blog SEO Advantage – Speed of Indexing

One of the keys to the superiority of blogs for SEO purposes, is the speed with which new pages get indexed. This is your secret weapon to building a valuable website. If you post multiple times daily, and your pages are indexed quickly, you stand a real chance to grow you page view count quickly.

This is you advantage over any static website. The search engines like Google need to index new content as quickly as possible, so they can stay relevant. They seem to have a love for the blog’s rich content structure and timely updates.

You can leverage speed of indexing anomaly to your advantage by always reporting topics that are right here and now. If you’re talking about the latest subject, and your pages are being added quickly to the major search indexes, then you’re likely to become relevant in the minds of readers who happen upon your website. Search engine rankings almost always come down to the number of competitors for the term. If you write a page about a new product or service, there may be 10,000 or less occurrences of the phrase on documents in the entire index. In this case, a well-linked to blog will rank easily. If you do this for hundreds or thousands of terms, you can see how the traffic increases exponentially. It’s the process of updating which enables you to bring more and more traffic into the website.

So, in essence, keep it simple. Always talk about topically relevant stories. Put the desired keywords in your title and post often for better SEO. As your archive index grows, your search importance will grow along with it.