Promoting Your Website and Blog Offline

Don’t forget about offline advertising as part of a well balanced promotion campaign. Offline promotions help target people that might not see your online advertising.Here are some suggestions for promoting your business offline.

1. Business Cards. Business cards are still a great way to make contacts. They are small enough to carry with you and an easy way to give your contact information to people that you meet casually or through business dealings. Make sure that your business card has your websites URL and other important contact information.methods promote website blog offline1

2. Print Advertising Consider using traditional media such as newspapers, an industry newsletter, direct mailers, or a yellow pages listing. Print advertising has more longevity than PPC advertising in that people can save the ad for when they are ready to buy. Print advertising might also be passed along to friends or relatives. To make this sort of advertising sell, offer a limited time special offer that offers a discount or something free with their purchase.

3. Radio or TV advertising Radio or television ads put your business on the ‘mainstream airwaves’. Many cable companies offer local advertising at affordable pricing and are happy to work with you to produce a quality advertising spot. With radio advertising, you can buy 30 or 60 second spots to showcase your product or service.

4. Plain old Word of Mouth. This is the best kind of advertising your business can hope to do. Your customers spread the word for you. Keep your customers happy and they’ll return again and again, and tell others to buy from you, too.

These things integrated with an effective online advertising campaign will rocket your sales and grow your business by leaps and bounds.