Web 2.0: easy source of backlinks

One of the best things about many new ‘Web 2.0’ style sites is they offer a ton of unique opportunities for link building. Here’s a nice one I saw because of the presence of legendary uber-Commenter Easton Ellsworth. CoComment is a great way to keep of your conversations, and luckily, they’re nice enough to make the pages publicly accessible, so you can get some search engine love, as well. It doesn’t look like they link out to the ‘conversations’, but they do allow links in your profile. So a quick link to your CoComment Profile, and it becomes indexed. Then the links in your profile should count back to you. One 2.0 service that does allow direct links is del.icio.us. Again, make sure to link to the profile from somewhere that’s alread indexed. Once your profile is indexed in search engines, it’s like running your own mini-directory! You can add as many links as you want to this service. Another nice thing about del.icio.us is that you get a slight boost in traffic when you first add a link because you’re added to their recent page. It doesn’t last long. Let’s call it your 15 nanoseconds of fame.Another website that shows up as backlinks is Blogdigger. Again, make sure your group is accessible to the public and is linked to from an already indexed website, and you’ll be good to go. Blogdigger even pulls from RSS, so it’s constantly updated.

RSS scrapers can serve as a source of backlinks also, and even the occassional bit of traffic. You won’t need to recruit these guys, all you need is a heartbeat. You’ll find if you update often that your content is scraped endlessly. At least people who are linking back are following the protocol.