Indic Translation

Google has launched The Transliteration page uses Unicode to encode the Hindi characters in your post. Unicode is a system of representing text and symbols and is supported by all modern browsers and operating systems.

If you use Internet Explorer 6+ in Windows Vista/XP/2000, you should have no problems in viewing and editing Hindi text correctly. Mozilla Firefox requires support for complex text layout, otherwise it might display the Hindi text incorrectly. The support for complex text layout is usually turned off by default, but this Wikipedia article gives a detailed explanation on how to turn it on in various operating systems.

Transliteration requires a live internet connection, as all the transliteration is done on Google’s servers and sent back to your browser while you continue typing. If you see a message saying that the transliteration service is unavailable, check your internet connection.

The Transliteration feature is available for other services also:

  • Blogger – Blog in Hindi
  • Orkut

Cool… here is a new product from Google labs.

For you, Indian and for those who loves Devanagari script.

Try it.. feel the difference..
Google is Great…. गूगल म्हान है