Procedure for becoming a Company Secretary

Hey friends this is the general procedure that has to be followed to become a Company Secretary:

It is as follows:

Pass Foundation Programme:

For that-:

  1. Pass 10+2 or equivalent examination than you can enroll with the institute for foundation course.
  2. It is necessary to complete the compulsory postal coaching before appearing in the exam.
  3. On passing the foundation examination you can register with the institute for intermediate course.

Pass Executive Programme:

For that:-

  1. Graduates and those who have passed out of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountancy or the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India can enter straightaway at this level.
  2. Complete the compulsory postal coaching for the intermediate course.
  3. Pass the intermediate examination. It consist of two groups, one can appear for either the groups or a single group in first attempt.
  4. It is also compulsory to complete 72 hours computer training.
  5. Enroll for the final course.

Pass Professional Programme:

For that:-

  1. Complete the compulsory postal coaching for the final course.
  2. During this period or after this periodΒ the student is also required to undergo management training or apprenticeship with a company recognized by the Institute or with a recognized practicing company Secretary.

Now a student qualifies for membership of the Institute on admission as an Associate member, he or she is entitled to use the descriptive letters “ACS” after his name. Senior members in the profession are eligible for admission as Fellow Members, and on admission as Fellow Members they are eligible to use the descriptive letters “FCS” after their names.

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  1. hello,
    I M final year student. i will give my exam in april 2012. can i done my registration in january 2012 for executive level without enterence till then my exams are not held.kindly mail ur ans. thnks

  2. Hello,
    i m doin ca n optin to do cs along wid my ca i hav attended 100 hour itt programme in ca so it is mandatory to attend itt programme in dis programme also???

  3. which type of job required for claiming exemption. i am working in a private co. as financial planner. can i get exemption from 15 months cs training. if not then please give details of job required for claiming training exemption

  4. Hey Kratika,
    I am doing PGDM in LIBA (part time, 3 years). Now i am in the 2nd year, and i will be choosing my major (Finance) in the next year. I am thinking about doing any additional courses in Finance now, which would provide high value to my resume. I thought about doing either CS or CFA, but realized that for doing CS we need to do apprenticeship training for 15 months (once we complete the professional stage) and for CFA we need some experience certificate for about 2 years in the finance field from the company (now i am working in KPO as a process lead, so no chance of submitting any finance experience). I really want to complete one more course within 2 years, so is there any course (not more than 2 years) which will compliment my MBA finance, without any apprenticeship training or need of producing any experience certificate? I have enough time to study, so i think i am capable of doing 2 courses at a time (even if it is tough). I want to change my career to finance field, and in this competitive world i believe its better to have one more course to add value to my resume. So kindly provide your valuable suggestion.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. hi am doing degree final year in computers can u please suggest me how should i enroll for company secretary and whre the institute is loacted and what are exams to be attended

  6. hi am doing degree final year in computers can u please suggest me how should i enroll whre it is loacted and what are exams to be attended

  7. priyanka khaturia

    hey kratika ,
    I just wanted to clear dat ….can i do c.s and c.a together? ….as i’ll b giving my C.A-IPCC in November’11 and will be giving my c.s foundation in June’12 .
    So will it be easy for me to prepare for both and even will any of the xams not clash ….
    As u woulD also know that after ipcc in c.a we need to do 3 years of articleship …and so is needeD for this C.S ….. I am in big dilemma……
    Please reply me Sooner than soon ……..coz then hav to fill the form of c.s foundation

  8. Madam:

    I am working in a Secretarial Department since 12 years in a reputed listed company having educational qualifications viz. CEC; BA (History. Economics. Political Science) and MA (Economics)and would like to do CS.

    Can you please advise me to submit the application for registration.

    Thank you,

  9. Hello nikhil,

    well u said u registered last year as per my knowledge your registration must be valid this year also just look at your registration card and see for how many year its valid,and if its valid than you will just have to fill the exam form, as far as postal coaching is concerned you can either complete it from the authorized chapter of the institute or can send ETS (solve any one paper of a subject given at the back of the book and send it to the institute) to claim the same.
    Hope you found your query resolved.

    kratika goel πŸ™‚

  10. Hi,
    i have got done my registration for CS Executive cource & also claimed exemption for Financial Accountancy & Cost Management Subject.
    Yesterday i have received post from ICSI regarding membership registration & they have not given me exemption due to not receivable of attested marksheet, eventhough i have submited all my Mcom marksheet during admission. They are asking me to submit once again all attested marksheet & also to pay exemption fees for claiming exemption.
    Now iam thinking not go for a exemption due to lack of time & avoid further waiting.
    Is this my decission is correct, pls suggest.

  11. i have my registration last yr .and as i m doing my LL.M i could not concentrate in cs course but naw i think i should concentrate as i lost my one yr of registration ,wht should i do first,tel me abt posyal coaching

  12. hello Sir,

    plz subscribe to the site updates its free with that you can receive all the updates and procedures and everything related to topic.


    Kratika Goel

  13. hai kartika,

    I am studying my B.Sc computer science final year.Then pls tell me in detail the procedure to become a company secretary.Any entrance test is there and when it will be?

  14. hey prab,

    First of all you are welcome.And thanks a lot for your appreciation,appreciations like yours feels like i achieved my motive of sharing knowledge with others. πŸ™‚
    Second as you yourself said yes only weekends will not be sufficient to study CS course.Here you mentioned that u studied for executive level during your graduation and PG time but do you really think that such sheer theoretical concept retain in your brain even after such a long time break maybe in your case yes,that you know better than anybody else and also i would like to draw your attention towards the fact that the course have changed by the time and the new syllabus has been established by the institute.further the examination standard is raising day by day and as far as i know it would not be easy for you to crack exams without doing proper preparations for them.
    Third,No you are not eligible to get exemption from any exams on basis of whatever marks you get in your graduation or PG whether diploma or degree.


  15. Hey Kratika

    Thanks a lot for your honest advise, I really appreciate that, yes you are right I have an 8 hour shift plus 3 hours travelling, which makes it close to 12hrs. I have weekends off so that is when I can take time out for studies ( would have to take tutions I believe), so I assume you are saying I would not be sufficient…. to study only on leaving the job is out of question for me due to family commitments. I have studied the subjects in Executive Program already during my and MBA so I thought since these are the subjects that I have the basic understanding of I might be able to do it, what so you say ? Also please advise will I get exemption in any exam as I have scored above 60% in accounts etc in my MBA finance from Symbiosis, or is it not considered to be a valid course as it a Diploma and that too distance learning ? waiting for your reply…Cheers πŸ™‚

  16. @Prarabdha

    heya Prarabdha,

    Well first of all you are welcome. πŸ™‚

    second me its not possible to cop up with CS studies along with your 12 hour(i assume) BPO shift,unless you are damn intelligent,

    if you want to clear CS exams in that case you will have to focus on your studies a lot.

    So better you drop the idea of doing CS or take a break from your job for some time to pursue CS course.

    And at last but not the least as i always say decision is all yours.



  17. heya satish

    hi there,

    you could have attain exemption from training in case you had work experience in law field as in your case i don't think you will be exempted from training.Further as you are from tax field, i think you can opt for LLB and than LLM specializing in taxation than you can pursue career as tax lawyer.

    However satish i hope that you can very well understand after doing one professional course that there is not a good or bad combination thing left after getting this far,what remains after this is to weight your resume with more professional degrees and higher educational background in case you are inclined to do so.Now its up to you that where you wanna move on further,in which field you wanna work in etc etc,n with remarkable experience of yours i understand that you know very well what suits you best.

    So i wish you best of luck n success in life. πŸ™‚



  18. heya satish,
    nice to hear from u again

    with finance n accounts i think you should opt for ICWAI coz that also relates to a branch of accounting i,e cost accounting.Sorry to say that neither of them is easy to pass you will have to work hard for both of them.Both have their own place in corporate world.

    Kratika πŸ™‚

  19. Hi Kratika,

    Thanks for solving the doubts. I needed to ask you if it would be feasible to start CS a the age of 25 I have been working for BPO's for past 7 years, however I have managed to complete MBA in finance from Symbiosis Pune (Distance learning). What I really need to ask is would I be able to cope up with the studies with my job?

    Thanks a lot !!!! πŸ™‚

  20. Without doing 15 month training can i get awarded as Company Secretary or any exemption regarding training. Which Professional cource is best for a student who have done MBA in Finance with 5 years of work experiance in Accounts & Taxation field.

  21. Hi, which Professional cource is best for career in Finance & Accounts = ICWAI or CS & from this two which is easy to Pass & which one is more demand in Corporate world.

  22. hey satish ,
    hi there,

    Well as per my opinion you should not opt for CS while doing MBA coz according to me its not feasible to opt for two professional courses in one time it can be too hectic with training criteria of both the courses and reading books of both the courses together is not at all easy,they are enough on their own one at a time.In case you are so keen to do CS course than i would like to advise you to do it after you are done with your MBA.

    For further queries keep visiting.
    Kratika πŸ™‚

  23. hey avik,
    nice to hear from you again

    Well as you have already done computer course from a recognized institute and you have its certificate with you than you can absolutely claim exemption from 72 hours computer training,all you will have to do is to give an online test conducted by your nearest APTECH institute to get computer training completion certificate,you will need to pay fees for only the test you give and not the complete course fees,for full details visit your nearest APTECH institute and they will assist you with detailed agenda.

    Next you asked that if you can get exemption on the basis of accountancy work you did,i regret to say that will not make you eligible to get exemption on the basis of that coz its not related to legal field and CS is all about dealing with legal issues,certifying forms,Drafting deeds,preparing minutes,and etc that what you learn during your CS training period.
    And yes it is compulsory.

    Next you asked if it can benefit your accounts and finance career,well for that my opinion is why not ofcourse it benefits you in every way.

    Just think! which field do not involve legal issues in them.. ?ANS.. not a single one so studying CS will make you knowledgeable about every field of corporate law that you can use while working in finance field.For example you prepared accounts of a company as an accountant and you have done CS course which let you know the filing process of the same with govt. officials,the time the accounts should be filled by,and any necessary attachments if any,punishment in case of default.

    So basically, it depends on you how you blend and use the mixed knowledge of accounts and law section as per your requirement.
    One advise that i always give and wanna repeat the same for you is that first just think about what job you actually wanna pursue and than acc. to that decide whether opting for this course would be beneficial for your future job prospects or not.

    For any further query keep posting and keep visiting.
    Kratika πŸ™‚

  24. Iam currently doing MBA in FINANCE can i do Company Secretary cource together with it.

  25. I have 3 years of work experiance as an Accountant from the reputed Ltd Company, can i get exemption from 15th month practical ICSI Training when i get complete my final CS Exam, is it Training is Compulsary. If i do this CS Cource can it benefit to my Accounts & Finance Career, so pls suggest me for this.

  26. I have already done Computer Cource (MS-Office, Internet, tally & MS-CIT) from Keerti Institute (Govt Recog) can i get exemptiom from this 72 hrs Aptech ICSI Compulsary Computer Training, so pls suggest regarding this .

  27. hey avik,
    no you can not do computer training after giving both the groups of CS executive level,you have to complete it before giving both the groups of this level or after giving one group but before giving both the groups and completion of executive programme.

    I regret the late response to your query.Hope you understand.
    For any further query keep visiting.

    kratika πŸ™‚

  28. Is Computer Training can complete after attempting Executive CS Inter both groups Exams before taking Admission for CS Professional.

  29. Skanda Subramanian

    Hello Kratika,

    Could you please provide me with the exemption creieria for Management Training.

    I am currently working with a KPO in Pune with my job profile under Finalcial Services Department.

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