SAP LOGON SCREEN or sap wallpaper

step 1: save a image in gif format with z or y intial letter

step 2: goto tcode smw0

step 3: select Binary data

step 4: click find button

step 5: click execute

step 6: goto settings > maintain MIME type

step 7: click create > type =*.gif >extension =.GIF click ok and then go back

step 8: click create >OBJ Name=name of image with extension>desc=any>click import

step 9: select image click local object

step 10: tcode sm30

table name >SSM_CUST click maintain
enter parameter RESIZE_IMAGE value =no
START_IMAGE value =name of object name / image name with extention (in capiatl letter)

step 11: click save

step 12: logof ans login again and see

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  1. @iLLNESS
    the subject we are discussing here is SAP. SAP is universal. so its obvious to find 'very similar' things. but as u said its 'very similar' & not similar. maths is always same everywhere in world, but the trick is to arrange it such to create an equation.

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