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Valyoo launches Jewelskart: exclusive fashion jewellery portal

Valyoo Technologies Pvt.Ltd. (Delhi), which has presence in fashion accessories through e-commerce websites like, and, has launched, an e-commerce portal dedicated to fashion jewellery. Right now it offers three categories Gold jewellery, Silver jewellery and Branded Jewellery from many premium brands like FeelGood, Silverstone, Nakshatra, Gili, Asmi, D’damas, Amore. not […]

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Technology in retail

Safety concerns, competitive pressures and regulatory requirements are creating demand for more traceability in the food service industry than ever before. Also use of IT for tracking the sales and demand forecasting is widely accepted. The above are some of the obvious activities for collaboration. There are several others such as training, financing, standards development

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Haldiram’s: Road Ahead

THE ROAD AHEAD In the financial year 2001-2002, the combined turnover of all three units of Haldiram’s was estimated at Rs. 4 billion. The company targeted a growth of 15% for the financial year 2002-2003. Analysts felt that, given the competition in the industry, Haldiram’s needed to develop new initiatives achieve this growth. The competition

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Haldiram: Marketing Mix Part-5

POSITIONING The above initiatives helped Haldiram’s to uniquely position its brand. Haldiram’s also gained an edge over its competitors by minimizing promotion costs. Appreciating the company’s efforts at building brand, an analyst said, “Haldiram once was just another sweet maker but it has moved into trained brands first by improving the product quality and packaging.

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Haldiram: Marketing Mix Part-4

PROMOTION Haldiram’s product promotion had been low key until competition intensified in the snack foods market. The company tied with ‘Profile Advertising’ for promoting its products. Consequently, attractive posters, brochures and mailers were designed to enhance the visibility of the Haldiram’s brand. Different varieties of posters were designed to appeal to the masses. The punch

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