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Note on WordPress SEO using the WP-Email Plugin

If you’re using the WP-Email plugin [previous version] for WordPress, be aware that a lot of extra pages will be indexed in Google as duplicate content unless you exclude crawling via robots.txt. The program creates a Javascript link to a Read full story…

Web 2.0: easy source of backlinks

One of the best things about many new ‘Web 2.0’ style sites is they offer a ton of unique opportunities for link building. Here’s a nice one I saw because of the presence of legendary uber-Commenter Easton Ellsworth. CoComment is Read full story…

Promoting Your Website and Blog Offline

methods promote website blog offline1

Don’t forget about offline advertising as part of a well balanced promotion campaign. Offline promotions help target people that might not see your online advertising.Here are some suggestions for promoting your business offline. 1. Business Cards. Business cards are still Read full story…

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