Internet Launches ‘ClickPay’

When it comes to online advertising, Google’s Adsense comes first in everybody’s mind for its core technology of displaying contextual ads., a rapidly growing Indian property portal has launched ‘ClickPay’ for property dealers and agents who wish to advertise on their website. ClickPay is dynamic advertising service which with help of different tools can Launches ‘ClickPay’ Read More »

Indic Translation

Google has launched The Transliteration page uses Unicode to encode the Hindi characters in your post. Unicode is a system of representing text and symbols and is supported by all modern browsers and operating systems. If you use Internet Explorer 6+ in Windows Vista/XP/2000, you should have no problems in viewing and editing Hindi text

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Sabeer Bhatiya to Revolutionize Social Networking

Sabeer Bhatiya, the man who revolutionized web based mail service with phenominal sucess of and a faliure of, for internet freelancers, is now laying his hands on Social Networking. Sabeer Bhatiya has ventured along with Yogesh Bansal, Founder and CEO of, an India-Specific online social & professional networking site. is created

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