Employment Prospectus

Employment Prospectus of a company secretary is exceeding day by day in modern India.This is the reason whyimages 8 every year more and more students are opting for the same.The course is getting popular gradually and makes an assuring promise of rising in corporate world.

Being a qualified company secretary we have two options to work in the said field :

  1. as a Job Employee in a company.
  2. as a Practicing Independent Professional.

This is one of the benefiting feature of opting professional course like CS,that we have dual option of working in the field of law and order; i.e. in case we are not much inclined to work under anybody’s employment we may work as an independent professional from our own personal offices whether be in home or any other place of our choice.

Further the  Qualified Company Secretary has also the option of teaching as a lecturer in universities and colleges in the area of Management/Business Administration.A Qualified Company Secretary can also start his own personal teaching institute and impart knowledge therefrom to the coming students in the field of CS.

The ICSI and its Regional Councils and Chapters also offers Placement Services to its Members and Students.

11 thoughts on “Employment Prospectus”

  1. hello
    i am done b.com.
    and now doing c.s.

    i wanna know that can i get good salary package with b.com plus c.s. degree?????????
    how much can i get in my first job??????

  2. hello there . i am a commerce graduate i have a question is llb a must along with cs for good career opportunities to work as a cs ? i mean if u dont do llb and only do cs . is it not good enough to be at the top ?

  3. hey kiran,

    Welcome to kratika.wordpressmu-855765-2955010.cloudwaysapps.com
    As for CS career prospects i would say they are remarkably improving every day,wise choice go for it without any doubts in your mind.
    For any further query keep visiting.

    kratika goel 🙂

  4. Hi dear friends,

    Day by day C’S Importance is increasing.. I dont know whether c’s wil give us good job.. So m intersted but i dont any thing of c’s

  5. I am interested in pursuing cs as a career after completing my bcom….what would you say are the career prospects???

  6. hi,

    I'm a science graduate (B.Tech Biotechnology). IS it possible for a student with science background to pursue CS? If yes, then what is the scope?

  7. Hi Mukesh,

    Well the individual employment prospective of CS course are quiet high in coming days,So,sure it can pay you well but as you know only getting a professional degree is not just enough,experience counts you need to work in the field and attain experience to fill your pockets with heavy remuneration.

    Only doing CS as an individual course can roughly make you earn 10-15 thousands a month,but if you wanna earn more and make your resume more advantageous for you an LLB degree would do wonders,because as a matter of fact CS plus LLB is a great combination and increase the worth of your resume while applying for the job,and you can probably understand why this is so because CS works as a legal adviser of the company and LLB works as an enhancement to his/her work field.

    for any further query keep posting.
    Kratika 🙂

  8. Hi Guys,

    I am an MBA (HR and Marketing ) after BCOM. Currently working with an IT Company. I am interested in CS. just wanted to know whether the CS as an independent existence from employment prospective without LLB / Finance courses? Is CS alone enough to lend you a job ( a well paid one would never hurt)and later one can pursue LLB?


    Mukesh Sharma

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