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Remuneration BB 400x301 When we opt for any professional course one of the various concerns that come to our mind is  that how  much remuneration we could earn at the beginning of our career in that particular field  and what would  be the future prospects of increase in that income .

Its obvious that when we put our best efforts in pursuing courses like CS ,CA,ICWA etc.,we expect  to earn handsome amount of money for services provided by us,as for the well known fact that  these fields are prestigious  as well as well earning.

Further when we talk about the salary of “Company Secretary” ,we may note that it depends on many factors such as what responsibilities a person have, with which kind of firm he/she is working with,what is his/her experience is, etc. Therefore it would be difficult to quote an exact amount of remuneration.But as for roughly estimated amount in general,it is stated to start from” Rs 25000 to Rs 75000″, and it may inflate from “Rs 95,000 to Rs 162,000”.

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  1. Minimum stipend to be paid to an articled clerk during internship is Rs.2000/- per month.
    However, Companies pay around Rs.6000/ – to Rs.10000/- per month.
    The stipedn could increase in due course if the candidate performs well even during the period of 15 months training. 
    Practising Company Secretaries firms pay a minimum of Rs.2000/- per month but will increase gradually after you complete few motnhs of training and as you learn the work properly.

  2. Its not just the financial companies that hire a CS. Infact its not the choice of company to hire a CS.

    The Companies Act, 1956, Section 383A states that companies having paid up capital of over 2 Crores need to appoint a company secretary. And those, who have paid up share capital of lesser amount, have to provide a compliance certificate created by a company secretary in practice. This opens up numerous opportunities for people in this profession.

  3. what are the various courses i can go for after completing my c.s ……and can you plz through some light on the over all global demand for C.S…since global market is down these days, does this effect the demand of C.S


  4. helo mam,
    Actualy i want to ask that is C.S course is self suficient in itself….?or any combination lyk llb or sumthng makes it more advantageous for a beter pacage n job profile.

  5. hi i am ravi…….i hav decided tat i will be a company secretary….but from where to get the form and what will be the total expenditure which i hav 2 spend in doing the particular course….plzzz help.

  6. can u just tell me kratika that wat types of firms r good training as ihave completed my f.c & now i m doing my executive programme

  7. Could you please tell me what is the stipend that one receives during the 15 months training program after c. s final

  8. Hello,
    I am going to join CS by July end. I wanted to know about the salary package of internship. Can u plz help me out? How much are the interns paid during 16months training?

  9. wta are the companies which hire company secretaries?
    does every reputed company hire company secretaries or only those companies which deal in financial services only.

  10. Hello shikha,

    yes you can do CS course for procedure and other details plz go through FAQ section of this site that will help you.


    Kratika Goel

  11. Hello Naveen Ji,

    I am over here not to encourage or discourage anyone, all i do here is give frank,straight forward opinions and information true to my knowledge.

    As far as your doubt related to salary package mentioned by me is concerned in that case,you must have seen that i have mentioned there also,that your personal grasp of the course,your personal experience,your personality and your interview skills also does matter in deciding your worth.Studying and clearing exams is just 40% of what you do to get a job beyond that your experience that you gain while doing your 15 months training makes it 50% and than how you appear for interview while seeking for job makes it 60% and the rest 40% consist of how you perform in your job.In this era of cut-throat competition and companies with having widespread choice out people one better than another you cant expect anyone to give you exact amount you will earn after clearing the course itself.

    But Naveen ji trust me if your will power is with you,you can definitely do what you want too,and you can definitely earn the salary you wish too,all you need to do is hard work,so all the best for your lyf ahead.

    Hope i could give you the truth and encouragement both.


    Kratika Goel

  12. My qualification is 10+2, age 38+ . I could not study further due to family responsibilities , now I am studying CS FOUNDATION .Exam is in june 2011 .But I am doubtful whether I will get as good salary as told by you as I will be 42 years old at that time.Can you please encourage or discourage me ?

  13. i am arts (eco) student & i have done cia couse which is the industrial computer accountant. but i want to can i do cs. and what the process i follw pls let me know. what about the foundation couse in cs did i follw or no

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